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Love Joy Victory

A German brand designed for positive open-minded people. If it were up to us we would leave this space open and let our products do the talking. However, there are still some facts we would love to share with you.

After many years in the crazy and beautiful fashion business, we haven’t lost our passion for traveling, trading and creating. With all the experiences from the past, we are happy to introduce to you our newest treasure LOVE JOY VICTORY.

It is made for people who think out of the box and love to dress casually. It is our goal to develop and select high-quality fabrics in the fair trade market in which you feel good where you can be who you are.

LOVE JOY VICTORY is not a person and isn´t the way you look in it but the way you feel in it.
Sustainability has been our keyword during the production. Our collections are created with high social and ecological standards respecting nature and humans.

LOVE JOY VICTORY protects the environment, the laws in all countries and the people who are working with and for us! We have to take responsibility for ourselves and others!

THINK DIFFERENT - THINK ORGANIC- BE RESPONSIBLE - LOVE FASHION After working on our new brand for a while, I realized that something very personal had inspired me even more than all my-experiences in the last years in the fashion business. I am grateful that my children Louis, Jesse and Velvet let me see the world through their eyes. Together we share all the LOVE, all the JOY and all the VICTORIES!!!
Thank you and enjoy
Nicole Bailly